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Linkyou is starting from 2011, the means of linkyou is link you and us, we positionning on some of unique API and plant exract. We don’t like mediocre opportunities, we focus on some of truly professional and valuable work. The key words about our is niche market and the clever pig game.

Niche market
A Niche market is a small and specific market, this market is usually a segmented market, relatively small in size compared to the entire market. Business opportunities in Niche market usually arise because the mainstream market does not meet specific needs, which can be a problem to be solved or an unmet demand. The Niche market is characterized by a relatively small market scale, but very specialized market demand, and these people are usually willing to spend more time and money in their fields of interest. Therefore, Niche market usually have higher profit margins, more loyal customers, fewer competitors and better reputation.

Clever pig game
If the enterprise want to develop in gradually intensive competitive environment, technology innovation is necessary. But different enterprises should according to their actuality choose different technology innovation model. Based on the “clever pig”model from game theory, the technology innovation disadvantage compared the small and medium-sized enterprise with big enterprise, this paper concluded that in technology innovation small and medium-sized enterprise should carry the mode of imitation innovation.

The pharmaceutical industry is a magic industry, we has specialized in the area we have real advantages, we like do the unique things with you for WIN-WIN. Over 10 years of experience,  120 more clinical trials, studied in over 16 000 man, Linkyou has been chosen as the supplier of more than 10 country’s clients.